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"George Arau has written a beautiful tribute to his brother.  When he came to me to edit his book it was obvious from the very beginning that this was deeply personal work inspired by love.  He worked with such dedication and passion to create a story that would honor the memory of his brother.  It is such a moving, wonderful work and George toiled tirelessly to perfect it.  My wish for him is that now that he has given the book to the world his heart will truly mend. It is a generous book that tells us all that in giving to others we can heal ourselves.  I was honored to work with George and I hope he will always be my friend."

   Carol Stanley


"Lost Pigeons is a heartfelt and passionate novel about love, loss, and recovery. Following the parallel stories of two men who lose what's most important to them and have to find the strength to move on. While portions of the story take place in the past, the heart is in the present. Combining nostalgia of the past, with the struggles of today, his characters pop off the page and take us on their journey. A tender story, filled with strength, passion, and the power to heal."

   Leonard Langford


"Something about George’s vision for the work, and his passion to help others was very moving to me as we began to work on the project, and I decided to give the novel some of my time.  Once I began, I couldn’t put the novel down.  I fell in love with the book to this day I can’t drive down Van Nuys Boulevard without thinking about all the characters in LOST PIGEONS.  They have become like family to me and I treasure having gotten to know and care about them all."

   Molly Berke

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